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~ Tuesday, June 5 ~

I have some weird friends. Today is the second day of the last week of my sophomore year. Holy shit. Finals are approaching ever so quickly and I am getting the shakes. This video sums up my main group of friends up here at school. We are an odd bunch who take pleasure in doing dumbshit, like playing with a three breasted, purple, alien sex doll.

I have had fun times with these people and it is sad to think that next year we are going to be split up again. One of our good friends is heading to another school, we have all found other friends to hang out with and we don’t sit around the same cramped room and make fun of each other like we did every night last year. 

Here I am getting nostalgic under the post of a video entitled “Boat Lube”. Yeah I guess that sums up my college experience for ya. 


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